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Why Live School

Live school is a communication, management and learning app for schools and students. Schools are a vital part of imparting knowledge, and at Live School we are focused on helping schools in bringing technological innovation in their day-to-day activities. Live School brings ease of communication, transparency and real time information sharing for schools. Our AI based learning support modules are focused to introduce the learning aids for schools, so as to improve the efficiency of school-based learning.

Make School Account
Connect with Users
Share Info. & Knowledge
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Free Communication App With
Live CCTV Streaming and more

Live School is specially designed web and mobile application, for your school and student needs. It is a free communication and management app, with unique features for childcare industry.

Manage Multiple Schools

School admin can manage multiple centers, from one account.

Unlimited Classes and Users

Schools can add unlimited centers, classes and users, free of any cost.

Easy to Use & Adopt

Live School App is easy & same across web, IOS & Android platforms.

Live CCTV Streaming

Stream Analogue / IP CCTV camera to android, web or IOS devices.

Time based Camera Access

Schedule your cameras to live stream, by weekday and minutes

Share Text Notices

Admin, Incharge and Techaers can send notices to one or all classes.

Share PDF, DOCs, Images and Mp4

Share multiple documents of different formats in real time.

Free For All

Live School is a free school management app, with learning module.

Communication & Management App for Schools

Be it a single school or a chain of schools, all can be benefited with live school’s simple and Intuitive School management solution. Live school can support unlimited centers / branches for a single school admin, which means a franchise owner can use the same app to keep in touch with all branches.

Learning & Knowledge App for Students

Students can also independently, use the live School learning module to, self-learn and evaluate their progress. Our philosophy at live school is to “compared to self and improve”. Our learning modules auto adjust to students current learning levels and increase / reduce the difficulty as per student performance in last 3 tests.

Information & Reporting App for Parents

Live school offers Free modules like Notices, Reports, Parent support for all schools. Which covers most of the day-to-day preschool / daycare needs. Notices can be used to Share images, documents like pdf or doc and even Video.
Our Live CCTV streaming module brings transparency to the preschool and day care segment. Parents can view their kids live on their mobile or web, without any delay. Our indigenous platform reduces the burden on school Internet. Our CDN also protests the school camera system from unwanted access.


School Parent communication is the core of business success, especially in childcare and education industry. Live School makes it easy with an arrat of free communication modules & live CCTV streaming.

Live school is a tool to maintain an open and transparent communication channel between school and students / parents. In any education business there is a lot of day-to-day communication which establish the brand of the school. While earlier, schools and parents were happy to use the written mode of communication, now technological solutions are preferred by both the parties. Live school offers all these features, FREE, to the schools, so that they can add technology to their established business without a burden o their pocket.

Features For Students

AI Enabled Practice Sheets

As a student, Live School provides class wise AI based auto generated practice sheets for different Topic.

Learning By Practice

Learning by practice is a time proven method of learning. Live School offers different questions for better practice.

Free and Unlimited

Live School is free for all students, without any limitation. You can use it to improve any topic, through practice.

Solutions with explanations

All practice sheets are evaluated in real time. Complete solution is shown along with detailed explanations.

Identify Weak Areas

Through practice our system identifies the weak area of students and enable their leaning with solutions.

Detailed Progress Reports

Live Schools keeps tracks of all previous performances, providing a detailed graphical view of student growth.

Customized Difficulty levels

Through our AI logic, difficulty level of all practice sheet is auto adjusted to improve student performance.

Time / Open Test Sessions

With options to practice with / without timers & self-comparison approach, improvement is without pressure.

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App available for Android and Iphone

Access the web application at