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Why Live School

Live school is a free app that strengthens up a school administration to enrich

  • management & control of multiple centres for Owners / Franchisees
  • information sharing experience of the Administrators
  • learning experience of the Kids
  • knowledge imparting experience of the Teachers and
  • information storage experience of the parents

Real Time Information is the USP of all the modules imbibed in the Live School app.

Leading feature of the Liveschool app is Live CCTV Streaming from the school to the parents. The feature empowers schools to showcase their unparalleled efforts put in child’s development and learning experience. The Real Time feed enhances the excitement of the parents to witness the development, activities, social behavioural attributes, fun moments of their little ones. Indeed, such a system enhance credibility of the schools especially in the coming post corona days.

Live School offers ease of communication, transparency and real time information sharing for schools, with its easy-to-use information sharing tools. Liveschool brings technological innovation in day-to-day activities and smoothens the process of sharing notices, circulars, reports, reminders, etc. It provides a respite to the teachers who always intend to devote more time to kids than to the mechanical task of information sharing.

Our AI based learning (beta version) support modules that enable the teachers to pitch at the exact learning level of each student. These carefully curated modules keep adjusting at the exact level of difficulty needed by a specific student. These modules will provide a competitive edge to the schools and multiply the efficiency of school-based learning.

Thus, Liveschool app with latest technological innovation, is a total quality package providing live feed, clear communication, and set to overhaul teaching and learning experience.

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