Any childcare business, small or large, can utilize Live School ERP to handle their day-to-day activities, reducing the traditional and manual workload and improving their system's overall efficiency. Child Care ERP needs to be easy to adopt and maintain as the staff and teacher might not be tech-savvy and would prefer an easy-to-use solution. With 12+ Live School ERP Modules we cover all major needs of schools and preschools

Live School ERP solution challenges the status quo and traditional communication and data & record maintenance. It is simple to understand and works the same across all platforms and APP. It's a single-point solution to all school, preschool, and daycare management needs, making it a perfect solution for all. Following are the valuable features

Enterprise Resource Planning For Preschool


  • Franchisee Management

Franchises are always willing to remain in knowledge of their centers. Live School ERP makes it easy to monitor, track and improve the performance of all centers through their mobile.

  • Multiple Center Management

There is no limit on the number of centers the Admin can add to the Live School ERP. The Admin can add an incharge to the center, giving them a helping hand to manage individual units.

  • Unlimited Classes and Users

Each center can have any number of classes and unlimited users in each category. Admin or Incharge can add the users, and the user receives an invitation mail using which they can join.

  • Fee Collection & Management

Fee collection is time taking activity for schools and preschools. Live School Fee Management module makes it easy to set up a fee once and auto collect it every month.

  • Share PDF, DOCs, Images and Mp4

Sharing notices or files is straightforward and practical with Live School ERP. Admin or Incharge can share Word, excel, pdf, png, jpeg, or video files. The images are optimized for quick delivery.

  • Live CCTV Streaming

Live School provides live CCTV streaming using Camncloud's streaming APIs. Live School supports streaming from Analog or IP cameras on any ISP service provider.

  • Schedular based Camera Access

Live School provides complete control of cameras access to Admin and incharge. Through web and App interface, Admin / incharge can start/stop cam and set auto-schedule for streaming.

  • Complete User Management

User management is super easy with Live School ERP. Admin or Incharge can add, delete, edit users from a simple to use interface. Users can be temporarily deactivated, restored later, or deleted entirely.

  • User Role Based Access

Live school ERP provides role-based access to users. This way, a single app works for admin, incharge, parents & students. All the user areas are interlinked and work in sync with each other.

  • Daily Diary

Daily dairy is a valuable tool, especially in the early-age child care segment. Schools can submit these reports through predefined templates. School can also design their templates through a simple interface.

  • Cloud RFID Attendance

Automation of student attendance through the Cloud RFID APP of Camncloud is a valuable feature of the live school. Live School platform works with Cloud RFID app, making attendance submission easy and fast.

  • Show / Hide Modules

Live School gives complete control to the admin and incharge to choose which modules they wish to use for their centers. Once the admin / incharge sets the module off, it automatically gets hidden on the user side.

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