Students can independently use the Live School learning module to, self-assess, self–learn and self-improve even the most difficult concepts. We take students on a path of being a better version than their previous self. Our philosophy at Live School is of “Self-Acceptance and Self Improvement”. Our AI based learning modules keep adjusting to students’ current learning levels and adjust the difficulty as per student performance in the last 3 tests.

Online Self-learning solution

Learn at your pace

Continuous Improvement

Auto Adjust to student performance

Optimize to enhance individual learning

Real-time Assessment and Solutions

Live School helps students at their own pace. Our system creates a new question for every practice, creating a unique test for students. These tests, as per the last performance of the student, and hence the current questions' difficulty level and other parameters are specific to a student's learning level. This helps the student to get a better result in practice, building their confidence for the next exercise, which will readjust, considering performance at the current level.

With Live School, home schoolers get a platform to evaluate their current performance level and improve continuously. Parents can see their performances in various tests and help them resolve their weak areas, as live school identities the bottlenecks and assist students with solutions.

Our focus is to provide a simple to adopt platform for students which provides:

  • Unlimited Practices & questions
  • Customized practice for individuals
  • Timer / Non-Timer based practices
  • Track your performance
  • Choose specific questions to master

Self Learning


Practice & Self Learning For Individuals

  • AI Generated Practice Sheets for Students
  • Unlimited Questions, Practices, Topics
  • Auto Correction in Real Time
  • Auto-Adjust To Student Performance
  • Auto-Adjust To Student Performance
  • Identify Weak Areas
  • Detailed Explanation of Solutions
  • Timer / Non-Timer Based Practices


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