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Effective communication and transparency establish the brand of any childcare or education business. Live School ERP, is a tool to maintain an open and transparent communication channel between school and students / parents. With an APP and Web Platform, it becomes effortless to manage day-to-day activities, from your mobile or laptop.

Out feature-rich app empowers schools to showcase their outstanding efforts put in child's development and learning experience. The Real-Time live CCTV feed enhances parents' excitement to witness the development, activities & fun moments of their little ones.

Live School helps franchise owners to manage their multiple centers from a single platform. The Franchise owner can keep a tab on their various centers, while the center in-charge operates the center from their account. The owner can view the consolidated view on the dashboard. The center owner will have super admin control over the center.

Live School uses Camncloud's Live CCTV streaming API to deliver real-time video feed to parents. As an admin or incharge, you have complete control over who and when, can view the live camera of the school. CCTV Live streaming can be started or stopped simply from the app.

It's easy to mark manual and automatic attendance with the Live School attendance module. Teachers can do it manually from the APP, or schools can utilize Cloud RFID solution, which sends automatic attendance to parents. Admin / incharge / parents can access consolidated attendance from the platform or APP.

With an array of communication modules like notices, image sharing, and video sharing, along with app notifications for pending fee messages, Live school reduces the workload on administrators and teachers. Live School also offers an easy way to share school documents in docx, xlsx, pptx and pdf formats.

It's easy to manage users from a simple user management interface. Admin or Incharge can add or remove users using the web or mobile APP. Users can be deleted temporarily and restored, or the admin / incharge can also remove users permanently. Admin can also move users among classes.

Using Daily Dairy, an easy-to-use templates-based Module, teachers can share kids' daily activities with parents. School can create their unique report template by adding different questions once or can use predefined base templates as-it-is. The reports can cover a wide range of food intake, sleep, playtime, mood, and other details.

The Fee Management module allows a lot of customization as per school needs. The parents can make a payment using several payment options, like credit/debit card, UPI, or online banking. The account gets credited to the school account on priority. The platform also issues timely reminders to parents, reducing the day-to-day hassle of schools.

The Live School currently supports five different types of users based on their roles: Admin, Incharge, Parent, Teacher, and Student. For school ERP the school only needs to register and add their users. Home Schoolers can register as a student and use our AI-powered learning management system of Live School.

Live School APP also supports our practice-based LMS, enabling students to learn at their pace. These practices are continuously adjusted to the student learning curve, ensuring gradual progress in their performance. For schools, this is an add-on module that they can swich off for any center, as per the center's need.

Enjoy Hassel Free Fee Collection

Automatic Fee Creation & Collection

Reduce the manual work by letting Live School auto-create the fee as per your parameters, collect it and transfer it to your school account. It is simple, fast, and secure.

Build Your Brand

Reduce Work - Build Brand

Live School APP adds an edge of technology to your school, preschool, or daycare. It streamlines the day-to-day activities, and parents see your school as a new-age technology-enabled service provider.

Secure | Easy | Economical

Live CCTV Streaming

Live CCTV Streaming adds a technological edge to your preschool brand and ensures transparency of the services. The super admin has complete control of the system, and no unauthorized person can barge in. Detailed analytics of all the cameras is shared with the super admin to analyse user trends and behavior.

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Fee Management | LMS | Live CCTV Streaming

Customise Your School APP

Live School supports an easy method to On / Off modules that you do not want to use. This way, you can customize APP as per your business need. If you don't want to offer LMS to students, or online fee collection is not your need, you can switch it off quickly. These are center-based settings, which means that while you can use it on some centers, you can close it on others.

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App available for Android and Iphone

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