Technology is now a part of day-to-day life, and schools can benefit a lot by making it a part of the student learning and evaluation process. Live school LMS focuses on helping the schools better understand their student's performance level and understanding of the subject to identify the weaker areas.Significant benefits of Live School LMS are:

Individual student attention

Customized for Student Understanding Level

Continuous evaluation of student learning and auto adjustments

Detailed Reports for class and students

AI-Generated customized questions

Explanations of Solutions

By individualizing each student's practice and evaluating it in real-time, Live School identifies the individual students' pain points. Combining it, we deliver a complete class evaluation, which identifies the topic needing more attention. Detailed reports of Live School can even identify the minor bottleneck in the individual student's learning curve, making it easy for the teacher to target the same.

Live School does it by focusing more on practice-based learning, a proven method of improving student understanding of a subject.Live School works with teachers by enabling them to design a customized evaluation system as per their class or school need.

Teachers can do so by using a simple interface and selecting specific questions. A high level of customization ensures that the final reports are as per teacher and class needs. Following are some of the information delivered by Live School:

  • Individual Student Topic Report
  • Individual Student Subject Report
  • Complete class Topic Report
  • Class Subject Report
  • Consolidated Class Report

Advantage Live School LMS

Live School APP For School Administrators

Learning Management System from Live School reduces the administrators' workload while ensuring a higher performance of their school. The manual process of making, evaluating, accessing the tests is taken care of by our AI-Powered LMS, which can work independently or with the teacher inputs.

Teachers can then focus on clearing the doubts of the class and target the common weaker points of the course. Following are the significant advantages for teachers and admin.

  • Reduce Manual Work
  • Improved insight of class and student learning
  • Practically unlimited number of questions, so no repetition of the work
  • Individual student focus
  • Easy to adapt and learn

Live School APP For Students

Students are the real gainer from Live School's Learning Management System. Students learn at their pace. In the current school's methodology, all students are treated as on the same level, making it difficult for weaker students to keep pace with the class. This results in a lack in student performance and interest over a period of time.

Live School understands this and hence targets each student individually. Schools and educators have been asking for such a system for a long time. By focusing on the individual, we can not only identify their pain points but also give the idea about the topic, which, if focused, will improve the overall performance of the class. Gains for students include:

  • Confidence building as they perform
  • Continuous growth at their pace
  • Self Evaluation
  • Improved topic understanding
  • Experience different types of problems

Live School APP For School Parents

In current high-paced life, parents feel missing their kids' performance and learning process. Live School helps kids by promoting self-learning and evaluating the same in real-time. Parents can also view these evaluations, understand where their kid lacks, and take necessary action.

One of the central issues many parents face is collecting relative and latest content for their ward. The unavailability of evaluation & assessment content makes it challenging to keep kids engaged over longer. Live School AI-enabled content ensures the least repetition and keeps kids on their learning best.

School - LMS & ERP


LMS For School

  • Complete ERP For School
  • Unlimited Centers, Classes, Users, Teachers
  • Share Notices / Image / Video / PDF / Docx
  • Unique Practice for Each Student
  • Target Indivisual student learning level
  • AI Generated Practice Sheets for Students
  • Unlimited Questions, Practices, Topics
  • Auto Correction in Real Time
  • Complete Customization of Practices
  • Auto-Adjust To Student Performance
  • Identify Weak Areas For Class / Student
  • Topic Detailed Report For Class / Student
  • Consolidated Class / Student Report For Subject
  • Topic wise Indivisual Student Report


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