Technology has brought significant change in the education sector. Schools can now take advantage of technology to deliver better education to their student. Learning Management System is one such solution that is making more and more space in the education sector. With the advancement of ed-tech apps and solutions, the ouns is now on schools to deliver more to students by technology.

Live School Learning Management System promotes adaptive learning and helps schools bring technological innovation to their current structure. Teachers can quickly adopt our LMS in their day-to-day teaching, shifting the tedious task of preparing, evaluating, and analyzing tests to an AI-enabled learning management system.
Live School intends to improve students' learning and society with the following advantages.

Learning Management System


  • Unlimited Practice Questions

Live School LMS provides unlimited questions to students. It's possible as the Live School AI-enabled system creates new questions in real-time, based on numerous patterns around the topic.

  • AI-Generated Questions

Our LMS works by creating real-time content using a pattern-based AI generator. It helps by making the content fresh and unique for each user and ensuring quality learning.

  • Real-Time Evaluations & Solution

All the student's performance is evaluated in real-time to provide solutions to end-users. Real-time evaluation helps students can compare their answers and find errors.

  • Detailed Progress Reports

Students get a detailed progress update after every practice. The progress charts and badges are focused on motivating users. Students can also check all results at a later stage.

  • Identify Areas of improvement

Live school provides detailed analytics of the student performance identifying the areas of improvement and the type of questions that, if addressed, will improve performance.

  • Timer / Non-Timer Practices

Practices are characterized as timer or non-timer. The timer practices are used to evaluate the performance improvement, while non-timer are for practice and getting familiar with questions.

  • Learning By Practice

Self comparing & improvement is the focus of Live School LMS. With unlimited sessions, students can learn the concept through practice. The learning slop in Live School is auto-adjusted to the student level.

  • Gamified Learning

Live School focuses on making learning easy for students, with online badges, awards, and timers. Our LMS makes the learning process a game whose levels keep on changing to students' performance.

Sample Reports

LMS - Sample Class / Student Repots

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Live School Learning Management Solution currently provides practice material from Class 2 (Two) to Class 6 (Six). However, we update the material daily and intend to cover it until Class 10 (Ten) very soon.

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